telemedicine software solutions
telemedicine software solutions

Telemedicine software solutions: 3 best options

Clinicians want a software solution that will assist them in communicating with patients and managing their telemedicine software solutions and more commonplace. By facilitating the scheduling and execution of virtual appointments, telemedicine software solutions closes the gap. 

Additionally, the tools assist with filling out documents, billing insurance, and analytics. Explore our list of the greatest choices for additional information on the best telemedicine software solutions. The telemedicine software solutions listed below each offer excellent experiences for patients and doctors in their own special ways. Here is Telemedicine software solutions: 3 best options by

Mend – telemedicine software solutions

Mend – telemedicine software solutions. Mend is a fantastic choice if you’re looking for telemedicine software solutions that lowers patient no-show rates. A 10-provider practice loses an average of $857,808 in income annually due to a 23% average global no-show rate, according to Mend. 

Mend - telemedicine software solutions
Mend – telemedicine software solutions

Mend’s Predictive AI assists in forecasting the likelihood that these no-shows will occur. Users of Mend can configure automated reminders to lessen missed appointments. Phone calls, emails, or texts are some examples of this. Mend enables customers to send bulk messages, manage reschedules and cancellations, and automatically deliver documents. Patients are able to set up their own appointments and receive calendar invitations. 

Patients may complete digital patient intake forms on any device. A patient will receive a link to a form by text message or email, input their birthdate, and then complete it. Images, proof of income, treatment plans, surveys, medical histories, e-signature forms, credit cards, insurance, leads, orders, and referrals may all be sent via Mend. 

Through the website of their clinic, patients may plan their own appointments. They may alter information such as appointment duration, in-person or virtual location, and more. For more information on the cost of the other plan, MendEnterprise, you must request a quotation. It includes all of the features offered by the MendFree Telehealth package in addition to patient self-scheduling, payment capture, virtual workflows, and customizable digital forms.


Software for telemedicine called SimplePractice assists in scheduling appointments and billing patients. It reduces no-shows with emails and text reminders, offers telemedicine appointments, schedules appointments on a calendar, lets patients plan appointments and enter payment information, files insurance claims, and helps decrease paper consumption. 


SimplePractice eliminates the need to engage a costly web developer or attempt to create a company website on your own. The platform has an add-on that enables users to build a custom website. Users are first asked to pick a theme from a list of options; themes can be changed at a later time if necessary. 

Users may incorporate the appointment calendar from SimplePractice as well as digital records using its expert website builder. Users may present testimonials, advertise their brands, and get appointment requests.

The websites work on PCs, tablets, and mobile devices. Additionally, search engine optimization (SEO) for users is covered. For new clinicians, the Starter package, which costs $29 a month, is available. Unlimited customers, paperless intakes, and online payments are all included. The $69/month Essential package comes with personalized templates and online booking. Calendar sync, an appointment request widget, and sophisticated calendar filters are all included in the Plus subscription, which costs $99 per month.

The Plus plan must be purchased by group practices, although at varying costs. The price ranges from $158 per month for two clinicians to $630 per month for ten clinicians. You may add extra users for $59 apiece if your practice has more than ten clinicians. is the ideal option for bigger clinics wishing to brand and customise their telemedicine platform. Although offers services for smaller businesses as well, its enterprise and clinic features are unparalleled.

The program is most effective in hospitals, clinics, health systems, and professional groups. Users may add corporate logos and themes to their platforms by using its custom branding tool. Patients can be sent to a personalized landing page that makes the platform appear to have been developed in-house. Using its analytics capabilities, also assists major clinics in tracking trends, use, and prospective prospects.’s technology also enables physicians to video chat with one other in addition to clinician-on-patient interactions. In order to appear more professional, users will also get a customized subdomain. By doing this, it is ensured that the platform’s URL will display the name of the clinic as the first text. 

The $35/month Pro plan is designed for single practitioners. Screen sharing, group calling, and HD video are all included. The Clinic plan, which is best for small to mid-sized clinics and costs $50 per physician per month, should be chosen. It provides sophisticated features including admin controls, customizable subdomains, shared rooms, and distinctive branding. The Enterprise plan should be chosen by larger enterprises, and price information must be sought. Unlimited users and a personal account manager are included in Enterprise. hope you will collect useful and necessary knowledge through the above article: Telemedicine software solutions: 3 best options.



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