Top 5 exciting AI-powered software solutions for automation
Top 5 exciting AI-powered software solutions for automation

Top 5 exciting AI-powered software solutions for automation

AI-powered test automation toolsto follow in the market segment. They advance test automation while also assisting you in time-saving efforts outside of the realm of routine automated quality assurance. Let’s look at Top 5 exciting AI-powered software solutions for automation by

aqua ALM – AI-powered software solutions for automation

aqua ALM is the most well-known AI-powered software solutions for automation. The full-scale ALM that began as a test management system was introduced in 2013, and the beta for the AI component began at the end of 2022. The German andagon group, which has been providing IT consultancy for more than 20 years, supports aqua.

Generating complete test cases from requirements is the primary AI role in this scenario. Plain text is converted into a test by aqua using a sophisticated natural language processing algorithm. English and German are not the only languages supported, which is excellent for multilingual teams and/or businesses who hire outside personnel. Only around 40% of the test cases produced by AI require human modification before they can be included in the test suite.

There are other less innovative features that might nevertheless help you save a lot of time. The test case description can be filled up by QA professionals themselves, but the test steps must be created by AI-powered software solutions for automation. It is also possible to do the opposite: provide the details of the test case to receive AI-generated test steps. While requiring a little more work up front, some choices need less finishing work.

Beyond its test generation, Aqua’s is growing. The added capability includes automatic elimination of redundant test cases and AI-based prioritization of tests from your test suite. Even if you don’t completely trust artificial intelligence to create tests for you, these features will still be helpful. 

aqua ALM - AI-powered software solutions for automation
aqua ALM – AI-powered software solutions for automation

Aqua is one of the best agile test management technologies available on the market in terms of non-AI features. G2 and Capterra both give it a rating of over 4.5. The program has the Made in Germany label, and among its users are Google and German government institutions. It can transmit and receive data through REST API from any other third-party tool and has a dozen native connectors. 

Perfecto Scriptless

One of the most well-known AI-powered software solutions for automation is Perfecto Scriptless. Enhancing automated quality assurance of online and mobile apps is its main objective. Prior to Perfecto’s relationship with another firm and ultimate acquisition of the product in late 2018, the solution was initially introduced as TestCraft by a separate company.

The closest thing we have to an open source automation tool for testing AI systems is Perfecto Scriptless. Perfecto Scriptless is improving Selenium test automation, which is open-source even if this is a commercial product that withholds its source code. Given that a prospective transition to a more sophisticated tool will be easy, this is a highly encouraging feature in a developing field like AI test automation.

Perfecto Scriptless’s minimal entry barrier is its main selling feature. This solution, which boasts the no-code method, is designed to be among the easiest ones for integrating AI into automated testing. Selenium is designed to make it even simpler than typical test automation. 

In addition to testing, Perfecto Scriptless promotes AI-powered software solutions for automation reporting and a continuous integration pipeline that is open to third parties. Among other platforms, the solution may be used with Jenkins, TeamCity, Jira, and GitLab.

The majority of Perfecto Scriptless reviews were written in 2018, therefore it is difficult to gauge the opinion of the community. Users at the time commended the program’s fundamental capabilities but expressed frustration with the navigation’s glitches, which occasionally required reloading the tool. During the free trial time, be on the lookout for this.


Another illustration of an AI-powered software solutions for automation that focuses on test automation is Testim. It was given a boost in 2016 by Microsoft’s accelerator program, and in February 2022, test automation juggernaut Tricentis purchased it. Microsoft continues to be the largest client in Testim’s portfolio.


Testim’s feature set and Perfecto Scriptless’ feature set are quite comparable. Both promote self-healing testing, high visibility for speedy problem-solving, and scope expansion possibilities. However, Testim’s methodology focuses more on helping seasoned developers write automated tests rather than generating them from scratch. UI, API, and functional testing are the focus areas.

With issue tracking programs and continuous integration tools, Testim offers around 15 integrations. It is driven by Selenium, same as Perfecto Scriptless, so you won’t be forced to make the agonizing option of continuing to use Testim or beginning again. 

Testim is scoring approximately 4.5 on review websites, similar to aqua. Although there have been several complaints about an unintuitive user interface and minimal mobile testing, customers are pleased with the AI capability. Fortunately, a free trial is available to assess if the user interface will be a deal-breaker for you.


ACCELQ is a 2014-released no-code test AI-powered software solutions for automation. Among others, it is utilized by Intel, Pfizer, and United Airlines.

The broad reach is what sets ACCELQ apart from other AI-powered software solutions for automation. The business offers specialized solutions for API, web, and mobile testing. They brag about providing these three alternatives in addition to a room for manual quality assurance, but aqua’s test management software naturally combines manual and automated testing. The majority of other AI-powered software solutions for automation that lack problem management will integrate with external solutions to provide it.

A useful selection of open-source automation frameworks and continuous integration tools are integrated with the solution. The no-code component generates tests that include React and AngularJS and cover all well-known frameworks.

Additionally, ACCELQ is outperforming a review score of 4.5. There are a few small performance issues, a few documentation issues, and a notice concerning a significant upfront expenditure. The broad range of the solution has pleased the clients, and that is the main benefit that the business promotes.


Applitools is a test AI-powered software solutions for automation that focuses on UI testing. It was introduced in 2015 and has as part of its portfolio Microsoft, Bank of America, and adidas.

The variety of visualized testing options offered by Applitools is its main selling feature. It has a mobile grid for testing native mobile applications as well as a cross-browser (and cross-device) grid for testing web applications. Artificial intelligence is used to swiftly identify modifications that are most likely incorrect by comparing screenshots of app interfaces. Another good feature is auto-compliance with visual accessibility standards.


Applitools synergizes with continuous integration software, supports all popular development frameworks, and delivers status updates to business messengers. Additionally, it connects with rival products like Testim and problem tracking programs.

Applitools is AI-powered software solutions for automation now receiving ratings that are barely 4.5 out of 5. Slow execution and a significant time commitment to filter out false positives are the two main issues mentioned by consumers. One customer claims that due to all of the background activity, a straightforward test takes 100 seconds to complete. Similar to non-AI test automation, unoptimized execution may be made quicker by sheer force, but at a nearly proportionately larger cost.

There are tools to meet many kinds of demands, and I test automation is on the rise. The business will probably only grow better as licensing AI algorithms to develop solutions gets increasingly more common. All of the AI-powered software solutions for automation on the list have received generally excellent ratings.


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